mazecoze Laboratory is diversity culture magazine with encouraging “Your own freedom",

There may not be useful information or complete answers here.
But, there are "multicolored viewpoints" such as curiosity, imagination, kindness, fun, trust, hope, empathy, and the reason of nature.

Having diverse and flexible views inside and outside
It will be a clue to open up the present.

You can have as many senses of yourself "being you" as you like.
It is fun to have more choices.
Freedom has its own form.

“What is Diversity?”

Over the past 20 years, I have been working to create value based on diversity.
I always relied on my curiosity about diversity, and through the people and things I met from time to time, I realized that this is what diversity is all about and it broadened my perspectives .

But, I still don't know exactly about diversity.

Diversity is not something that can be said clearly, but something that emerges from differences themselves, their relationships with the times and the social environment, and their implications.
This is what I am thinking now.
It is elusive. That is why it's interesting!

Often get comments like "Diversity is the promotion of women's activities." or "Is it about the welfare for persons with disabilities?"
I have been involved in promoting the employment of disabled, and I have also been promoting co-creation with a welfare center.
It is very important to promote diversity from the perspectives of disability, women and welfare.

However, it is not enough to categorize diversity into just that frame.
Diversity can be a foundation for learning how you want to live and for creating new culture and entertainment. We would like to explore those possibilities.

mazecoze Laboratory will boost the value of diversity, aiming to create a new diversity outline and culture.

By asking questions, experimenting, and fostering mutual viewpoints, we will create a world in which every life is original and each person is pleased to be different and enjoy it.

Rena Hirabaru
Chief Editor
mazecoze Laboratory

※"mazecoze" in Japanese means mixing various things